The Inaugural Darth Minions!

On the evening of Friday 6th November 2015 sixty local school children, ranging from Reception to Year 8, descended on South Gower Rugby Club to take part in the inaugural Darth Minions.

The excitement in the clubhouse was palpable as Darth himself stood before the minions to deliver the inspirational pre-race address that has become such a feature of Darth Coastal Runners event. Faces were painted, glow-stick necklaces were fastened around necks and headtorches awaited ignition as the minions listened intently to the details of the race that would soon be starting.

No sooner had the talking stopped than the athletes were making their way to the start line. Following a brief warm-up session led by the event Regulators, the youngest group of minions were soon heading off to attempt the 1.1km course. As they left the bright lights of the clubhouse area the athletes were enveloped by darkness, the course lit only by the glow-sticks lining the route and the torches on the heads of the competitors themselves. After negotiating the hay-bale and tyre obstacles, the minions then left the relative sanctuary of the club house and headed out into the dark unknown of the neighbouring “Fury’s Field”.

Following closely behind at this stage were the second wave of runners and it was not long before both groups were entering the rugby club environs once again, this time to be confronted by The Final Sprint. It was at this point that the event truly became a race and the athletes headed back over the obstacles and towards the finish line, all dreaming of claiming Darth Minions victory. Speed however does not come without a price and several of the athletes put their bodies on the line in the pursuit of ultimate glory. As they crossed the finish line the athletes were handed their medals and bespoke Darth Mannion badges, but more importantly had earned the bragging rights that come with being a Darth Minion Finisher.

Once the Little Minions race was at an end it was time for their senior counterparts to take centre stage. Their course measured 2.5km and as well as having to overcome the obstacles and the Fury’s Field they would also have to endure the mud, electric fences and dark woods of the coast path section of the Big Minions route. Teamwork and communication was the order of the day as the athletes prevailed over all the challenges that Mother Nature (and the race organisers) could offer and very soon all the competitors were re-entering the rugby field for the Final Sprint. Moments later, the final athlete crossed the line to a rapturous reception and the inaugural Darth Minions was at an end.

In keeping with an established Darth tradition, the post-race presentation ceremony involved the awarding of painted pebbles to the victors. The honour of finding and painting these pebbles had previously been bestowed on Chief Regulator Julie Deer and it was she who also had the honour of awarding them to the winning athletes.

Following the presentations the tired but happy athletes headed home clutching their medals and pebbles, their heads bursting with an overwhelming sense of their achievement. They slept soundly in their beds that night, dreaming dreams filled with adventure, fun and friendship, and secure in the knowledge that they had made the transition from minion to “Darth Minion”.

A new chapter in the Darth story has begun…..

Darth Minnions video

The first Darth Minions get underway.

Darth Minnions video

The senior Minions set off into the night!

Darth Minions 2015 Roll of Honour

Little Minions Wave 1

Winner (Girl) – Imogen Williams

Winner (Boy) – Finlay Harris

Little Minions Wave 2

Winner (Girl) – Flo Tovey

Winner (Boy) – George Poole

Big Minions

Winner (Girl) – Mati Collins

Winner (Boy) – Ellis Weatherley

Teamwork/Bravery Award – Grace Parkes