What is the ‘Darth Mannion’?

What is the Darth Mannion? The Darth Mannion is a 13 (ish) mile adventure-run that takes place on the South Gower coast each spring. Runners take on undulating terrain, steep hills, icy river-runs and multiple sea-dips.

Inclusive Challenge: The Darth Mannion is an inclusive challenge. Challengers start in sub-pelotons according to ability, which merge as the run progresses.  The sub-pelotons are coordinated by a group of running Regulators who assist Darth in getting everybody through the course. The route is not marked, and there are no static marshals so you will need to keep up with your sub-peloton so you do not get lost or left behind. It is essential you have a good level of fitness to take part.

Race start

The power-mad Regulators at the back of the pack are selected for their love of ordering people around, so sweet-talking them into a slower pace is not advisable. We recommend that all runners are able to run a half marathon in a maximum 2 hours 10 minutes, ideally sub 2 hours. Please see our ‘training and preparation’ section for advice on how to prepare for the day.

Elite Runners: The Immortals (the fastest peloton) will be led by one of our strongest Regulators. Runners are not permitted to run ahead of these Regulators until the competitive final stage. So if you are an Elite runner looking to fly around you may need to tame your inner tiger. That said, we regularly have army sorts and iron men taking part, so the pace should still get the heart rate up.

The 'Devil's Dip'
The 'Silent Sweeper'

The Silent Sweeper: All finishers can be proud of finishing the challenge, but exalted status is awarded to anyone who finishes ahead of The Silent Sweeper. The Silent Sweeper is deployed as the final back-marshal around two-thirds of the way through the race, after all three pelotons have merged. The Silent Sweeper is a welcome sight for those struggling with the pace of their peloton. He is not power-mad, and as a chain-smoker (now vaper) does not have elite fitness. Catching him or staying ahead is very achievable.

Teams: Competitors are encouraged to enter in teams to provide an added competitive element and to further develop the spirit of inclusivity. Teams can include a minimum of 3 runners and a maximum of 6. The top 3 members of each team will be entered into the team prize.

For more of an idea of what the challenge entails please go to our Facebook Page – Darth Mannion Beach and Swamp Run Challenge or watch our YouTube videos below…