The Basics

1. Do Darth Coastal Runner Events have any Insurance?

Yes (ok we should probably tell you a little bit more than that…)

2. Is Darth Coastal Runners Affiliated to Welsh Athletics Association WAA?

Darth Coastal Runners (DCR) is a Guided Running Club affiliated to Welsh Athletics. This affiliation has many benefits one of which is that the club is covered by WAA insurance. A copy of their Policy can be found below this idiot guide.

4. What does the Insurance cover?

The WAA provide Public Liability cover for the organisers. It is not Personal Accident Insurance (if you trip over your laces because you didn’t tie them up – that’s your fault!). It is important you read the insurance policy to satisfy yourself on the level of insurance cover that is provided at DCR organized events.

6. Is there anything else I should know?

Your Participation in a DCR event is at your own risk.

Whilst the DCR Committee takes every care with staging all our events, by taking part and paying to either be a member or attend an event you are acknowledging that personal accident and personal items insurance is your own responsibility. The Insurance provided will not cover a loss of reputation, (hard luck Chris Coles) anticipated savings or wasted expenditure, pledges made on your behalf or to charity.

WAA Insurance Policy

As an athlete who has paid (or is deemed to have paid) subscriptions to a club or organisation affiliated to UKA, England Athletics, Scottish Athletics, Athletics Northern Ireland, or Welsh Athletics, you are automatically provided with insurance cover which applies while you are involved in “athletics activities.” This not only relates to training and competing, but also club / region administrative meetings as well as when part of a team representing UKA, England Athletics, Scottish Athletics, Athletics Northern Ireland, or Welsh Athletics.


Insurance Cover For Athletes

Provided by United Kingdom Athletics

This information sheet tells you what insurance cover is provided and what to do if you ever need to make a claim. Please read carefully as any additional cover required will be your own responsibility.